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Case Studies

Cinderhinge, Avon, NC, by John Scarlata, © The Estate of John Scarlata

Portfolio Projects

I have actively photographed and printed most of my own work for over 40 years. This has resulted in an extensive accumulation of photographs, most of which have been separated into related, smaller collections or “Bodies of Work”.   I am a member of FfPP and have served as their Treasurer for the last seven years.…

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How Preserving My Father’s Photographic Legacy Led to the Publishing of a Popular Photo Book

Our involvement with “The Golden Decade, Photography at the California School of Fine Arts” started after my father, Don Whyte, passed away in Santa Rosa, California, in 1989. He had bequeathed to my husband, Ken, his darkroom equipment as they shared a passion for photography. None of my siblings wanted to deal with all the rest of the contents of the very packed darkroom; they felt it was overwhelming and their suggestion was to throw it all in the burn can that was sitting just outside the darkroom door!

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Don Abelson

In his later years, Don was an early & enthusiastic convert to digital photography. He digitized many of his negatives, older & more recent ones alike, and with a dedicated printer, he learned to make ink prints that were indistinguishable from his early silver prints.

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The Jerry Lebeck Collection

After his death in March 2009, his widow Barbara Lebeck, called Al Weber asking for suggestions about what could be done with Jerry's extensive body of photographs, made both as a student and professional photographer, dating from the 1950s to the 2000s.

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Ray McSavaney’s Archive

When Ray McSavaney passed away in July 2014, he left a considerable photographic legacy. He had been one of the founders of the Owens Valley Photographic Workshops and was a highly respected teacher. He had self published “Explorations”, which represents a fine selection of his images and reveals his talents as a writer. His photographs had been exhibited and collected by individuals and institutions, including the Huntington Library in San Marino, California.

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John Scarlata—A Case Study

In July of 2007, John Scarlata was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and was told he had anywhere from 6 months to 10 years to live. At the time of diagnosis, he was 57 years old. Now what?

John taught photography for 30 years. He also amassed a personal body of work with camera formats from the ubiquitous 35mm up to 7” x 17” view cameras.…

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Morrie Camhi Archives

Morrie Camhi, a successful Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay area commercial photographer, was also a prolific writer and documentary photographer. ESPEJO: Reflections of the Mexican American, perhaps his best known project, was a deep survey of the Mexican-American people and culture which Morrie organized, directed and worked on with six other photographers. The project evolved out of Morrie’s earlier work documenting the demonstrations and strike actions of the United Farm Worker movement in California, and culminated in exhibitions at the Center for Contemporary Art in Chicago and the Oakland Museum.

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