The Foundation for Photographic Preservation offers educational resources pertaining to the preservation of photographic collections. 

M. H. ”Hal” Halberstadt by Homer Page
M. H. ”Hal” Halberstadt, by Homer Page, © The Estate of Homer Page


Although some photographs are best preserved by individuals as family heirlooms, it is the goal of FfPP to be an online resource regarding collections with artistic, historic or cultural value that are in jeopardy of being lost to future generations. 

Our website offers Articles, Case Studies and Resources with examples of creative solutions for placement and preservation, as well as guidance in methods for preparing collections for donation or archival storage. You will also find our Collections Gallery featuring work by photographers who have benefited from our resources.  

If you have information about a collection, or questions not addressed on our website, please feel free to contact us. We may be able to provide further guidance. 
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FfPP News

It’s Here! The “Photographic Archive Checklist”

Do you have a photographic archive or collection in your possession? Has a friend, mentor or family member left you their life’s work? If you find yourself faced with finding a permanent home for your photo archive, our checklist was designed for you.

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Remembering Marty Springer

Marty Springer

1949 – 2020

FfPP Advisory Board Member Marty Rose Springer died peacefully at home in Redwood City after a 14-month bout with bile duct cancer. She is survived by her wife of 22 years, Keldyn West.
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We have recently added a new Article written by Brooks Jensen, editor of LensWork. It’s titled “Hook, Line and Sinker”, about a lifetime of taking, printing and storing photographs, only to reach the point of, “What do I do with all of these?”.
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We have added a new Case Study by FfPP’s CFO, Ron Rigge called “Portfolio Projects”. Ron set out to find homes for some specific collections of his photographs and has some success stories to share.
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We are excited to announce the addition of two new members to our Advisory Committee, Ted Orland and Rick Murai. And we thank Lisa Rigge for taking on the role of Interim Secretary.
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