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Frequently Asked Questions

Photograph by Richard Schlesinger, © The Estate of Richard Schlesinger

What is the cost of preparing my archive?
FfPP charges nothing for their services. The donor is responsible for all costs of preparation, such as video discs, containers, file sleeves, clerical assistance if needed, appraisal, etc.

Who does the work?

You do the work with our assistance. See the article “How FfPP Works” and other case studies on this website for examples of how we have worked with other photographers.

What constitutes an archive?

Original prints. Proof sheets. Negative files. Digital records. Correspondence. Compaction to DVD’s. Diaries/Daybooks.

Where does the archive go?
FfPP can provide advice regarding potential recipients of your archive. For instance, if your photography is journalistic in nature, we might suggest a university such as Duke University or another institution that has a particular interest in journalistic photography.

What are the chances of it being accepted?

Slim, but not impossible.

Will I get paid anything?
Sometimes. It depends on several things. Uniqueness. Your reputation. The financial status of the receiver at the time. 

Will it be available beyond just scholars?
 Each place has its own program. Many universities limit exposure to scholarly research only. Other institutions may rotate exhibitions of their collections.

What happens if there is no receiver?
 You wind up with your photography organized.

Can you help me publish a book of my work?
We can refer you to experienced graphic designers who have helped other people that have contacted us.

Does FfPP accept donations?
FfPP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and we appreciate any donation you or anyone else cares to make. We have received cash as well as equipment and prints which we have turned around and sold. Other than to tell you we accept donations, we will not solicit one from you. We do ask that you allow us to use images from your archive in order to promote our work and to help others who have faced a similar situation.